Friday, 5 April 2013

My Thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

I really like Windows Phones. I feel Microsoft is the a underdog right now and I tend to go with the with whoever that is at the time.  I sampled windows phone 7 and 7..8 with a Lumia 710 which was a very good phone.  As tempted as I was to the Lumia 920 the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 really grabbed my eye.  I first suggested one to my wife. As we both get older neither of our eyesight is great, so I recommenced a note 2 for her. Some of the family  including me did warn her it was a big phone, but she went with it on my say so.  Yes it's big, and we had some great laughs about the size but she loves the screen.  Neither of us would make decisions on how many apps a particular phone has, as long as key apps are there.  Windows Phone has enough great apps to keep me happy.  And though Android phones have loads of apps (reminds of the old McDonalds signs  which touted how many burgers were sold) it is not the main the key in my recommending it. 

So once my wife had a Note 2 I decided to make the plunge. Jelly Bean makes a huge difference with the interface.  I previously had a HTC Desire and my wife had a HTC wildfire.  Android is still highly customisable  the play store reminds me of amazon offerings with movies and music alongside apps and games.  But the killer feature is the screen size. Next the basic google apps are great. And one thing not available yet on Windows Phone is Sky Go.  Sky is a satellite service in the UK, and it is excellent.  So now I can watch Sky on my phone.  One app that is sorely missed is Google Listen.  Listen was a simple podcast program that worked solidly.  That was my biggest shock coming back to Android was the loss of Listen.  

More to come on day to day with the Note 2. Google Now telling me what to do and where to be when and how and why.  Plus the camera features look excellent, I'll review those as the weather improves in the UK.